Fields of activity

Our main objective:

Providing services for the successful integration of children in care into society.

Activities are organised through the implementation of measures:

Measures to achieve the main objective:

Empowerment and involvement of the foster child in decision-making.
Meeting the individual needs of the foster child.
Responding flexibly to the requirements and expectations of each person in care.
Meeting the expectations and needs of staff.
Staff efforts in line with the Care Home Quality Policy and Child Protection Policy.
Meeting the requirements of stakeholders.
Improving the image of the institution in the community.
Dissemination of good practice.
Service delivery model:

A family living in the community (hereafter referred to as a ‘family’) is a small social group living in a family-like environment, in a home-like setting.

It consists of children, social workers and assistant social workers, who live in a family-like way, with relationships based on moral responsibility, respect, mutual understanding and support.

The older members of the family teach and transmit to the children the cultural, ethical and social values necessary for their development and the well-being of society.

The family is a place where it is possible to express openly not only closeness and love, but also anger and hatred. All children have the opportunity to participate in the activities of the family, to express their opinions and feelings openly.

The family plays an important role in the child’s socialisation. How a child feels about living in a family home determines his or her maturity, health, the course and outcome of socialisation. The child’s development is influenced by the organisation of family life and the fulfilment of the family’s basic functions. Relationships are very important in the upbringing of children.

Only in a socially secure family will children learn the most important lessons of socialisation. The social worker and the assistant social worker must respect, protect, educate and defend the children in their care, and pass on family values and build traditions.

The family home has educational, recreational, communicative and other functions. Members of the family shall behave in accordance with accepted legal, moral norms, traditions and customs.

Quality policy

Working time

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